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New Beginnings - Gemstone Trio Bracelet
New Beginnings - Gemstone Trio Bracelet
New Beginnings - Gemstone Trio Bracelet
New Beginnings - Gemstone Trio Bracelet
New Beginnings - Gemstone Trio Bracelet

New Beginnings - Gemstone Trio Bracelet

Plymouth & Hamilton

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Golden Hematite, Aventurine, and Moss Agate Gemstone Bracelet Set

Are you looking for a brand new start? A refresh, a new life with exciting possibilities and a positive future?

 Are you ready to move on? Do you want to get on with your new start and let go of the past?

This gorgeous New Beginnings bracelet will not only make you look beautiful, but it also helps you with a brand new start.

When worn together, the three strands provide a powerful force to help you to release and move through bad habits, relationship issues and any heartache while also balancing your mind body and spirit, and bringing abundance happiness and new beginnings.

You can also choose to wear the strands separately:

  • Golden Hematite is a protector stone, a strong stone, and will balance your mind body and spirit, providing clarity and peace.
  • Aventurine will protect your heart, and attract new love. A lucky stone, it will attract both success and abundance, while also clearing and releasing energy blockages.
  • Moss Agate, the stone of nature and new beginnings, will promote your emotional balance and good health. Moss Agate has the wonderful ability to help you to release old habits and allow forgiveness (of yourself and others) It also attracts abundance and improves self-esteem while helping your general good health and wellness!

 Wear them separately or combine the three for a superpower combination to help you power through the days with ease and abundance.

This is the perfect bracelet set for any woman who is ready to leave the story of the past behind and step up to a wonderful future, with endless possibilities and joy.

Get your New Beginnings Bracelet Set today and take the first step to a brighter and more positive future for yourself.

This beautiful set would also make a perfect gift for anyone who is embarking on a new start in life, from a relationship change, to moving homes, a new job, or even a new mindset.



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