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We are a family owned business based in the beautiful country of New Zealand.  From February 2015 our products have been solely available to USA based customers via the Amazon.com website, However, with the launch of our Shopify store in May 2016, we are expanding our reach.

The name Plymouth & Hamilton is derived from the birth cities of the company's founders, Plymouth, England, and Hamilton, New Zealand.  Our logo shows the global nature of the company, with globally sourced products and people working together to make an outstanding customer -focused company.


Our first Brand

Our first Brand, Bizanzzio, was created in 2014, and has provided high-quality kitchen and cooking tools to our valued customers, with countless 5 star reviews on Amazon and became known for its outstanding customer service.


Whats next for us?

As a work from home family, with 3 young children to keep us busy, we understand how busy people are today.  

When we needed something for our home or family, we found ourselves spending countless hours researching on the internet and then being unsure of the quality, and not knowing if we could trust the website.  

From this, we saw that other people have these same issues, so we began adding a variety of quality products to our website with our promise to you:

Our Promise to You:

We Promise you that we have carefully vetted all the products which we have on our website and if it does not meet your expectations, get in touch right away and we will make it right.  

If it is on our website, it is something that we would have in our own home and use in our family life.


We are constantly adding new things, both practical items that you need in your home like quality kitchen and household items as well as beautiful items such as gorgeous home decor.


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