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Bizanzzio by Plymouth and Hamilton is a unique line of kitchen items, designed to appeal to all those who spend time cooking and preparing food.

Our first Brand, Bizanzzio, was created in 2014, and has provided high-quality kitchen and cooking tools to our valued customers.

Bizanzzio - Functionality at its Finest

We put a lot of thought into selecting a name that is relevant and unique.  The Byzantine Empire was a period in past history which caught our attention – it is in this Empire that the culinary world was held in high regard and the kitchen was essentially a place that was considered to be holy and sacred. It was during this time that kitchen utensils went about a transformation where they were beautified to add more elegance. The period of the Byzantine Empire saw silver and gold cutlery and utensils often with precious gemstones emblazoned on figures of animals. From Byzantine comes Bizanzzio.

Taking inspiration from the Byzantine Empire and incorporating the same ethos that this Empire held about the sacredness of the kitchen, Plymouth & Hamilton has come up with the exclusive range of products in the Bizanzzio line.

With Bizanzzio’s tagline – Functionality at its Finest, we are reaching out to eager home cooks and chefs and emphasize the fact that this stylish range of Kitchen items does not only excel in the design department with high-quality materials used in the making, but they also are focused on functionality.

Bizanzzio by Plymouth & Hamilton is a one of a kind kitchen range. We firmly believe that it is crucial to keep the customer’s wants in mind and have designed this range in such a way that it appeals to everyone who spends time in the kitchen.

We have designed this chic and functional range of kitchen products – Bizanzzio – that can make cooking even more enjoyable and productive.

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